04 Apr 2024

“Climate Redemption: Hope for the World” A Discussion with Dom Christopher Jamison OSB

Please join us for this discussion with Dom Christopher Jamison on Sunday 5th May from 3pm – 5.45pm followed by Mass in St Patrick’s Church at 6.00pm.

Dom Christopher Jamison currently serves as Abbot President of the English Benedictine Congregation. He is known for his media work and vocations guidance for young people. His books include: Finding Sanctuary, Finding Happiness and Finding the Language of Grace.

It has become common to tell kids that they’re going to die from climate change. If a heatwave doesn’t get them then a wildfire will. Or a hurricane, a flood, or mass starvation. Incredibly, many of us hardly blink before telling our children this story. It shouldn’t, then, come as a surprise that most young people think their future is in peril. There is an intense feeling of anxiety and dread about what the planet has in store for us. “Not the End of the World” (Hannah Ritchie)

Drawing on his thoughts in Finding the Language of Grace: Rediscovering Transcendence, Dom Christopher explores a language more hopeful than the language of doom and despair which hangs over our expectations of many areas of contemporary life.